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Do you have experience in the sales field? We would love to speak with you. We find that some of the best and most successful Merchant Services Sales Agents come from many different industries, so payment processing experience is not a requirement. We can train good sales people how to sell credit card processing to many businesses.

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We can provide you with the resources to get the job done and close those sales, so you can start making money. Did you know that our Sales Agents earn monthly residuals? If you would like to learn more about making a great living, while working independently and working the hours that you want to work, then hit the button below.

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Unlock the power of Payitiv Merchant Services with our convenient multi-processor platform without paying to register with the major card brands!

Payitiv Merchant Services offers our ISO Sales Agent’s several merchant processing options. Our partners include: TSYS, fiserv First Data, PNC, VCI, PCS, Paysafe, Valor, Clearent and Woodforest.

 Let us help you find a processing option that works for your Merchant’s and you.

Easy Merchant Boarding • Online Automated Residual Reporting • Sub Agent Tracking • Payitiv Portal Access • e-Marketing Assistance • Personalized Agent Lead Generator

Top Residual & Bonus Programs

Payitiv Merchant Services has industry leading Residual Splits and Bonus Programs. Let’s discuss a plan for you today.

Multi-Processor Platform

Access All of Your Data, from All of Your Processors, in One Convenient Place. Portfolio-Wide Metrics will bring the big picture into clearer focus.

All The Tools You Need To Succeed

Payitiv provides the leading payments industry platform. Created to grow your business with CRM, operations, support, residual calculations and more. Sell smarter, Sell faster.

Online Merchant-Level Metrics

Keep a close eye on the performance of individual merchants to maximize your success through theirs.

We make it profitable and simple to sell credit card processing

We provide Retail Merchant Accounts, Internet/Ecommerce, Mobile Merchant Accounts, Telephone Merchant Accounts, Mail Order Merchant Accounts and High Risk Merchant Accounts. We can provide your Merchant with an account that works for them today.

Manage your pipeline, sell more, and work smarter. Impress your prospects with custom proposals and electronic contracts that take seconds to create. The best part? You’ll win merchant accounts faster, too.

Let's customize a Schedule-A that works for you!

We make selling easier and more rewarding

  • Activation / Approval Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Free Equipment and POS placement
  • Revenue Share Partnership Program for ISO Merchant Partners
  • Prompt Payment of All Residuals
  • Cash Discounting Program
  • Merchant Tracking System
  • Online Merchant Application
  • Portfolio Dashboard: For easy residual audits and 100% transparency
  • Total Sales Support & Excellent Customer Service
  • Professional Imaging / Marketing
  • Serious about growing your portfolio?
  • Accessing our processors opens more sales channels than ever before.
  • Industry-leading residuals, Signing Bonus, Activation Bonus and Monthly Bonuses
  • It’s time you discover Payitiv Merchant Services

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