The Payitiv CRM Agent/Merchant Portal

End-to-end sales, customer support, and residuals management solution.

manage your merchants and your portfolio

Manage your pipeline, sell more, and work smarter. Impress your prospects with custom proposals and electronic contracts that take seconds to create. The best part? You’ll win merchant accounts faster, too.

Payitiv Can Grow Your Business With Great Reporting

All The Tools You Need

CRM, operations, support, residual calculations and more. Payitiv CRM helps you grow.

Residual Calculations

Automate residual calculations and spend more time selling, not on spreadsheets.

Board More Merchants

We call it TurboApp for a reason. Submit your applications in minutes, error free.

Lower Attrition

Grow your portfolio and keep your hard earned merchants longer by using smart reports and notifications.

Merchant Tracker

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your prospects and existing clients, the better you can serve them.

With Payitiv CRM, gaining real-time insight into how your prospects engage with your website is as easy as clicking a checkbox.

Lead Management

  • Use SMS to turn prospects into customers quickly
  • Report on unlimited lead fields and customize views by user
  • Pre-populate merchant agreements with information from your leads
  • Automatically notify your team as deals move through the sales cycle

Rate Comparison/Proposal Generator

  • Create professional proposals in minutes
  • Supports interchange, tiered, and ERR pricing formats
  • View merchant savings, effective rate, and ISO profitability while creating proposals
  • Easily share, view, and edit proposals

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