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Payitiv CRM Android And iOS Mobile Application Download

Mobile App Access Is Available For Approved Payitiv Merchant Service Agents

Powered by IRIS CRM

The Payitiv CRM mobile app is packed with many of the same features from the web application and effectively all of the data contained within your CRM is now only a few quick taps away.

Mobile App Home Screen

View All of You Key Numbers at a Glance.

The Payitiv CRM mobile app’s home screen is a one-stop source for all of your most important data.

The Top Performers tab enables you to quickly see your monthly revenues and transaction totals by card type, as well as your top ten merchants in order of total gross monthly sales. A single click on any of your top merchants brings up their complete account information, ensuring the data you need to serve your most valuable clients is never more than a few seconds away.

The Portfolio Totals tab displays your ISO’s lifetime volume and transaction totals, broken down across the four major credit card types, EBT, and Debit, providing you with an at-a-glance picture of each payment type’s long-term performance.

The Approved Accounts tab provides 12 months of data on how many of your accounts are currently processing transactions, how many aren’t, and how many have been closed in a single, easy-to-read chart. That data ensures you’ll always have complete situational awareness over the overall health and status of your merchant roster.

Powered by IRIS CRM

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